Today we’re introducing LinkedIn profiles in Highrise. You can now add LinkedIn URLs to your contacts to see their profiles in Highrise instantly. You’ll have easy access to all the specialties and qualifications listed in their LinkedIn profiles.

How to set it up

It’s simple: Just go to a contact, click the “Edit” link in the top right corner, then scroll down to the “Social media” section on the edit screen. Enter the person’s public LinkedIn profile URL and click save. Then you’ll see a “LinkedIn” tab at the top of their contact page. Click that link and you’ll have access to their LinkedIn profile.

To make the most of this feature you’ll need to have an account on LinkedIn. Highrise uses your LinkedIn account to grab the latest profile each time you view one of your contacts. This ensures the profile information you see is always up to date.

Integration with LinkedIn has been a popular customer request since we launched Highrise. We’re pleased to make it a reality today and we hope it makes Highrise more useful to you everyday.