Question: If your company is boarding a train at 1pm in Boston, but you’re living in Denver, and you have a client living in London, what time does the train reach Philadelphia?

Answer: You don’t have time to figure this out. You have work to do.

Basecamp can now eliminate the time zone confusion!

We felt your pain on this one. Our headquarters are in Chicago, but we have coworkers all over the world. Now, items added to the Basecamp calendar will be displayed in your local time. No need for time zone math!

Each company in your Basecamp account has its own time zone setting. People within those companies will inherit that setting. You can make an update on your ‘My Info’ page. We have a walkthrough in our Help pages.

Updating your time zone

If you do need to convert time zones, check out these helpful sites:
Every Time Zone
World Time Buddy