The less people are aware of you, the better idea it is to give your product away
“A lot has to do with the ratio of possible consumers of the free product who might be converted to paying customers to the total market size. If I have awareness with .01% of the target market, giving copies away to raise awareness to 10% of the market, where 10% of those might convert (1% total) is a good deal. But if I have awareness with 60% of the target market, and give my product away, with a 10% conversion rate, I’ve lost a great deal.”
Incomprehensible intersections
Photos of traffic-routing gems.
Software development “inventory”
“In software development, inventory is anything that you’ve started and you haven’t gotten done. It’s ‘partially done’ work. In manufacturing if you start making something and it is in-process, it’s not sold, it is inventory. In development it’s the same thing. If you started developing something and it’s not done, it is inventory. What you’re trying to do Lean software development is the least amount of ‘partially done’ work as possible. You want to go from understanding what you’re supposed to do to having it done and deployed and in somebody’s hands as rapidly as possible.” [tx PA]
Marko Karppinen’s CSS column exercise
Click the icons on the upper right to change the number of columns and justification.
The meaning of “The Medium is the Message”
“It is only too typical that the ‘content’ of any medium blinds us to the character of the medium.’ And it is the character of the medium that is its potency or effect – its message.”
Soigné = make it perfect
“When you have a really important diner – an influential food critic, a chef you admire, anyone the higher ups deem to be important – the soigné level rises to something absurd like “super soigné.” Anything short of culinary perfection means certain death for a cook…Poor orders were not considered – no sauce on the side people, no special requests, no well-done meats. If they didn’t know how to eat, they weren’t going to appreciate what we were putting on their plates.” [via JK]
The command line comeback
“Standard GUIs, with their drop down menus, check buttons, and tree-lists just cannot compare to the range of options that a text interface gives effortlessly. In just five alphanumeric characters, you can choose one out of 100,000,000 possible sequences. And choosing any one sequence is just as fast as any other sequence (typing five characters takes roughly 1 second). I challenge you to come up with a non text-based interface that can do as well.”
The value of solving hard problems on your own
“A lot of investors and advisors will tell entrepreneurs to do the least amount of work possible, so that they can get going quickly. You can get going more quickly this way, but then you’re stuck trying to build a real business, instead of just a thin UI on top of someone else’s business. If you’re making all your money off of AdSense (and you’re not Google!), who really owns the relationship with your customers? Most people don’t think this way, and they should.”
Honda and speed
“When we do anything, even though it may appear on the surface to be an advantage, we think about how it’s going to affect customers upstream and downstream. If what I do saves me five minutes but causes the customer downstream 15 to 20 minutes of extra work, then it’s not a good idea.”
Where's Digg for photos?
“Digg users have begun calling with increased volume for the creation of a special section of the site designated for photographs and pictures. Two requests to this effect have received more than 6 and 8 thousand diggs in the past 2 weeks. It’s hard to imagine that some sort of photo section of the wildly popular news site won’t be introduced soon.”
“Each weekday, The A.V. Club’s Videocracy chart combs the Internet to track the most-talked-about online video content. Drawing from YouTube, Google Video, ifilm, Super Deluxe, and other popular video sources, we figure out what the Internet is watching and bring it to you unfiltered.”
A.S.S. (Attention Surplus Syndrome)
“A disorder that allows people to reach goals and complete tasks. Also known as the opposite of A.D.D. Michelangelo probably had A.S.S.”
Bill Simmons on sports broadcasters: "Chemistry is 90% of the battle"
“It just boggles my mind that networks don’t value chemistry more. Every No. 1 announcing ‘team’ is more like a corporate merger: Al Michaels is a big name, John Madden is a big name, so of course they’re combined into MaddenMichaels. Meanwhile, the best 2006 NFL broadcast was the one ESPN threw together for a Raiders-Chargers game with a one-time crew that included Ron Jaworski and Dick Vermeil, two old friends. We felt like we were sitting on the sofa with them for three hours. I loved it. Why not hire more friends to announce together? Then we wouldn’t have so many teams sounding like they’re on an awkward blind date.”
Top 10 in-game dunks