Three years ago, I wrote about how improvements in technology keep allowing us to punt on sharding the Basecamp database. This is still true, only more so now.

We’ve grown enormously over the last three years but RAM keeps getting cheaper and FusionIO SSD’s keep getting faster. If anything, it seems like recent advances in SSD technology are accelerating and it’s ever more unlikely that we’ll need to shard Basecamp.

Basecamp remains a perfect candidate for sharding. Isolated accounts, no sharing between them. Yet the cost in increased complexity is constant while the cost of throwing hardware at the problem keeps dropping.

It’s like how some old people have a hard time dealing with inflation and “they want how much for a gallon of milk these days?”. Technologists who grew up when RAM cost $1,000 per megabyte can have a hard time dealing with the luxury of RAM being virtually free (we just bought about a terabyte worth of RAM for a Basecamp Next caching system that cost just around $12,000).

The progress of technology is throwing an ever greater number of optimizations into the “premature evil” bucket never to be seen again.