Back in July when we first presented the idea of Basecamp Next (called BCX internally) at our company-wide meetup in Chicago, we put together two lists: Goodbye and Hello.

Goodbye was a sample of some of the things that Next wouldn’t have that Classic did have. Hello was a sample of some of the things that Next would have that Classic didn’t have.

“Have” is a relative term. Some stuff on the Goodbye list is completely gone from Next, while other things are just executed differently enough that they don’t resemble the way things worked in Classic.

It’s interesting to look back at the two lists now and see how well our original predictions worked out. There’s some stuff on Goodbye that we ended up keeping and there’s some stuff on Hello that we didn’t do (or did completely differently than we originally anticipated). And then there’s a bunch of stuff not on either list that you’ll ultimately find in Basecamp Next.

We’re only a few short weeks away from launch, and we’re still making calls on what’s in and out and how some key features work. It’s a good reminder that lists are moments in time, they aren’t golden rules.