Perhaps it’s my inner engineer, but seeing behind the scenes of workshops, be they real or digital, always fascinates me. Maybe that’s why How it’s Made is so compelling. The show proves that there’s more than just the end product: the workspace and the process that surround the product that turn out to be just as interesting than what was produced.
A recent discussion internally about using standing desks got me thinking: what do our workspaces look like? Does something about them inspire our craft and code? Is it the lack of clutter, or the general disarray of your everyday stuff that helps ideas flow better? Is your space a blank canvas? A workbench? A retreat?
Here’s what some of our workspaces looked like yesterday and today. Feel free to share yours!

Jamis’ desk

Jason F’s desk

Jeff’s desk

Javan’s desk

Michael’s desk

Merissa’s desk

Ryan’s desk

Jazon Z’s desk

Will’s desk

Jamie’s desk

Noah’s desk

Emily’s desk

Kristin’s desk

Eron’s desk

David’s desk

Sam’s desk

Nick’s desk

Trevor’s desk

John’s desk

Scott’s desk

Jonas’ desk

Chase’s desk

Joan’s desk