We started work on Basecamp Next back in April of last year. Initially it was just a tiny team: JF, JZ, and me exploring whether it would even be a good idea to rewrite Basecamp from scratch. That phase lasted about two months.

After the first two months, we were convinced that there was enough value to do The Big Rewrite. Basecamp Next did enough things differently that would be very hard to retrofit into Classic. So we committed to making it real. We then spent another two months or so fleshing out all the major functionality, still with just a small team. Sam and Ryan joined the game during that phase.

After that we slowly ramped up the team. Adding people here and there as there was enough decisions made to proceed implementing with. Everyone, more or less, was involved on/off taking the rough shell and making it solid. This phase took about four months.

The last two months we’ve been in crunch mode. Everyone in the company has been involved polishing, refining, and improving. This is also the time we spent building out our wonderful new calendar.

Take a look at the Github impact diagram to see the ebb and flow of the development process:

Or enjoy the light show of this commit animation:

It’s been a fantastic journey over the 10 months or so building an incredible version 1 of the new Basecamp. We’re finally at the end of the tunnel. Next week we’ll be ready to share it all with you.