After a ton of very hard work, and lots of debates and decisions, we’re thrilled to be able to share the all new Basecamp with you.

This has been a company-wide effort. Every designer, every programmer, every sys admin, and every support team member were involved in building this product.

It’s completely new. Reimagined, rethought, and redesigned from the ground up. Everything was reconsidered. Every idea, every flow, every concept. Nothing was sacred – every idea and every feature had to fight for its place in this first version.

The new Basecamp features an entirely new innovative interface. All new code. Brand new tech. And some serious hardware backing it all up.

This is our best work. And it’s just the beginning. We have a lot of great ideas in store. But first we wanted to focus on the basics. Nailing the foundation so it’s strong and steady, easy and fast.

In many ways, this is our second chance to make a first impression. For many of our customers, Basecamp was the first time they’d ever used a project management and collaboration tool. Most used email. Or the phone. Or lots of in-person meetings. Basecamp was a whole new idea, something brand new, an opportunity to get organized and keep everything together.

This new Basecamp is a return to our roots. It’s focused on the basics. It’s even simpler and clearer than before. It’s super fast. And it’s useful for a whole new group of projects – short projects. Most project are small and short. The original Basecamp was overkill for most kinds of projects. The new Basecamp is perfect for projects of every size.

We think a whole new generation of customers will be introduced to a new way to manage their projects when they use the all new Basecamp.

Some more screenshots

Thanks to everyone

In addition to our own team, nearly 1000 people were part of the beta test program over the last few months. Our beta testers shared invaluable feedback with us. We’ve fixed a lot of things and cleaned up a bunch of dusty corners due to their involvement. Thank you so much.

A live introduction on March 6, 2012 at noon central

We’ve set up a few live online introductions to Basecamp this week. The first one is today (March 6, 2012) at noon. As they fill up we’ll add more, but if you’re interested I’d recommend getting in as soon as you can. Space is limited. Register today.

Try Basecamp today

We invite you to check it out. Everyone gets 45 days free with unlimited usage. You can create as many projects as you’d like and invite as many people as you want. As our way of saying thanks, current Basecamp customers who want to try the new Basecamp get 90 days free. Here are some FAQs for existing customers and here are the steps to copy your existing projects into the new Basecamp.