About three weeks ago we launched the all new Basecamp, and it’s been an exciting few weeks.

Since I’m a numbers kind of guy, I wanted to share some things I’ve seen in looking at the new Basecamp that are particularly exciting:

  • This has been our strongest product launch ever. The new Basecamp is our fifth “big” product launch, and it’s our strongest yet in terms of signups in the period immediately after launch. With two weeks in the books, we had more than 3x more signups than we had in the same period after our last brand new product launch (for Highrise back in 2007). If you go all the way back to Basecamp’s original launch in 2004, signups for the new Basecamp were more than 30 times higher.

  • We’ve brought in lots of new customers. About a third of new Basecamp accounts immediately after launch were from people who migrated their existing account, and about half were from people who previously held some sort of 37signals account before. While we’re thrilled to see so many of our loyal customers enjoying the new Basecamp, we’re even more excited to see so many new people trying Basecamp for the first time.

  • Usage is fantastic. On a per account basis, new Basecamp accounts are creating twice as many projects and todo items as on Basecamp Classic, as well as more attachments, messages, comments, calendar events, and more.

  • We have a great new marketing site. Jamie, Mig, and Jason F. really knocked it out the park with our new public site at basecamp.com. We’ve sustained substantially higher traffic levels from all kinds of sources more than two weeks after launch, and conversion rate is up 76%. We’re always testing new ideas here, but the early results are bright.

  • Basecamp Classic continues to perform well. Plenty of existing customers continue to use Basecamp Classic. Retention rates haven’t dipped, and usage levels are right where they were before we launched the new Basecamp. This is great news – our strategy of maintaining two separate Basecamps (Classic and new) seems to be working so far with no ill effects.

We’re excited and encouraged by the first few weeks of the all new Basecamp. We have lots of great improvements planned for it in the coming weeks and months – we’re hard at work on a few already.

If you don’t have an account, get started with a 45-day free trial now, or join us for a free introductory class about the new Basecamp.