A year ago we put Sortfolio up for sale.

We entertained a variety of offers, met with a few potential suitors in person, and negotiated numbers. Ultimately nothing came together. Then we shelved the process so we could focus all of our efforts on designing and building the new Basecamp.

Sortfolio continued to run itself for another year, generating over $200,000 in profit for us during that time.

Our paying customer count continues to hover consistently in the 170s, each paying $99/month to be listed as a premium member.

The price

We’ve put Sortfolio on the clock: We either sell it by July 1, or we close it down. And we’ll make it easier this time so there’s no guessing: The price is $480,000, cash. No special deals, no partial payments now the rest later, no equity in your company, etc. $480,000 cash and it’s yours. Considering how much hands-off free cash flow it generates, we think that’s a very fair price. We just want it to go to a good home.

We’ve put next to no effort into it over the last year… If you put some effort in you should see significantly higher sales. With over 10,000 free accounts, there’s tons of untapped opportunity here in the existing customer base. And of course plenty more on the outside or in entirely different industries.

What you get

You get the design, the branding, the code (it’s a Rails app), the customers, and the steady cash flow. Since Sortfolio is hooked up to our centralized billing system, you’ll need to write your own code to charge customers. Also, since Sortfolio is hosted on our server cluster, no hardware is included (but you can run it on a cheap server or two – the hardware requirements are next to nothing). We’ll also be happy to announce the sale here on SvN and on our very well subscribed email newsletter.


If you’re interested at $480,000, please email me direct at jason@37signals… Thanks.