After fielding over a dozen offers for Sortfolio, we finally came to an agreement this weekend with a couple of entrepreneurs who will be the new owners of Sortfolio.

This is big news for our Sortfolio customers. Back in May we said we’d either be selling Sortfolio for $480,000 or retiring the site on July 1. And now it’s all good news: Sortfolio has been sold to a great team.

This means Sortfolio lives on!. Sortfolio’s unique visual search will remain the best way for web designers to find clients and clients to find web designers.

We’ll be transitioning the site to the new owners over the next couple of months. We’ll post more details once the transition is over. There will be no interruption of service for current customers, and we’ve turned signup back on so new customers can list their web design firms on Sortfolio.

We’re especially happy that Sortfolio’s found a new home because over the last week or so we’ve been getting emails from people saying how important Sortfolio has been to their business. Emails like:

...All of my leads and livelihood flow through Sortfolio. It’s how I pay for my health insurance, groceries, mortgage, etc…


...I can honestly say that Sortfolio changed our lives. Sortfolio brought in the best leads ever and we were able to crawl out from the financial hole we landed in. It actually does that even now, on daily basis.

So here’s to a second lease on life, Sortfolio!