Our good friends, Davey Sommers and Gwen Harley, are currently running a Kickstarter to support the opening of their locally-focused grocery and deli in Chicago.

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We’re big fans of increasing accessibility to fresh and natural food products. A few months ago, Emily posted about the unique CSA benefit provided to the 37signals team. You can see this means a lot to us. Nourishing yourself with fresh, unprocessed foods translates into feeling and performing better every day. You are what you eat. /play rimshot

Part of PLENTY’s mission is to serve underrepresented diets. Sensitivity or complete intolerance to gluten is becoming increasingly common in our world of processed food. I myself gave up gluten one year ago and shops like PLENTY help take the challenge out of living gluten-free.

Just like any startup, jumping into the food business isn’t easy. Davey and Gwen can use all the help they can get to make this dream a reality. Every little bit helps in working towards their fundraising goal.

I hope they’ll inspire you to support the cause.

Davey & Gwen