I’ve been doing 98% of our customer/tech support for about 3 years now and it’s time to pass the torch to someone who’s better at it than I am ;)

We’re looking for someone (Chicago based or remote—it doesn’t matter) who can head up customer support.

All email
We get about 125-150 emails a day from customers across our entire range of products. About half of them are really quick answers (under a minute with a standard response or FAQ link), another quarter are a touch more involved, and the remaining quarter can take a 5-10+ minutes each depending on the issue.

We’d also like this person to browse the forums for our products and pop in and offer a hand when people are stuck.

Passion wanted
We’re looking for someone who is passionate about 37signals, passionate about simple solutions to common problems, and passionate about helping people get back on track quickly. Strong writing skills and the ability to get to the point quick are a big plus.

Think you’re the one?
If you think you’re the guy or gal, please drop me a line at jason at 37signals dot com. Do me a favor and include “Customer Support Position” in the subject so I can easily corral these into the proper folder.

I can’t promise I’ll respond to each one, but I will review them and get in touch if we think you may be the right person.