First, a recent rave for the 37signals job board: In “Sometimes you really do get what you pay for”, Dark Liquid talks about its search for a Rails Developer…

I must say I am really impressed with the 37signals job board. After only 3 days, we’ve already had 4-5 applicants to our ad for a Junior Rails Developer. We’ve posted on pretty much every free ruby-related job board around and got nothing back at all, so in this case, it seems you really do get what you pay for.

And now on to some recent postings on the board:

Happy Cog Philadelphia is looking for a Front End Developer in Philadelphia, PA.

The Sherwin-Williams Company is looking for a Web Developer in Cleveland, OH.

Vimeo is looking for a PHP/MYSQL Developer in NY. is looking for a Web Designer in Tallahassee, FL.

Ham in the Fridge is looking for a Senior Designer in Minneapolis, MN.

National Council State Boards of Nursing is looking for a Webmaster / Designer in Chicago, IL.

Vulcan, Inc. is looking for a Sr. Quality Engineer in Seattle, WA.

Singapore Telecommunications Limited is looking for a Usability Engineer in Singapore.

Crate and Barrel is looking for a Internet Project Manager in Northbrook, IL.

JibJab Media is looking for an HTML Engineer in Venice, CA.

Smack, Inc is looking for an AJAX minded, front-end developer in Toronto, Ontario.

TIBCO Software is looking for a AJAX Web Development Engineer in Palo Alto, CA.

Environmental Working Group is looking for an Applications Programmer in Washington, DC.

Design Kitchen is looking for an Interactive Strategist in Chicago, IL.

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