We’d like to welcome two new members of our programming team.

Tom Ward hails from London and has been active in the Rails community since 2005. He was responsible for the SQLServerAdapter back in the day and has a cool 37 commits(!) under his belt for Rails. He’s formerly of Go Free Range, the team behind big parts of the GOV.UK project. We’re very happy to have him here, thanks to the great recommendation of fellow UK employee Pratik, who made the connection.

Zach Waugh is from Baltimore and the creator of the awesome Flint iOS and OSX clients for Campfire. Much of 37signals have already been enjoying Campfire through Zach’s clients, so we are thrilled that he’ll be able to join.

Both guys will of course stay where they’ve chosen to live and work remotely. We have a lot of both web and mobile projects to dig into, so great to have them both here. That now makes 41 of us!