Priceless cultural artifacts and works of art belong in a museum, as Indiana Jones taught us. But if the museum doesn’t have the space for that painting or Cross of Coronado, these pieces go to companies like The Icon Group.

Photo by Michael Berger

Founded in 1980, The Icon Group is a specialized moving and storage business that performs the vital but unsung task of boxing up fine art objects and storing them safely. There’s an incredible amount of knowledge and skill that goes into handling an oddly shaped or fragile piece, and companies like The Icon Group only gain that practical expertise – and the trust of their clients – by doing it over and over for decades.

The Icon Group has handled everything from Picassos to the archives of children’s poet, author and illustrator Shel Silverstein. In fact, Silverstein’s papers, books, musical instrument collection and recordings (did you know he wrote “A Boy Named Sue,” made famous by Johnny Cash?) are stored at The Icon Group’s warehouse on Chicago’s west side.

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