We’re currently working on modernizing the Basecamp interface to bring it closer in line with Highrise. The new screenshots below represent some of the changes we’re making.

If you have a paid Basecamp account, you can upload multiple versions of the same file and keep them grouped together inside the “Files” tab. After a while, we began to feel the “upload a new version” screen wasn’t as clear as it could be though. Here’s what it looks like today:

old way

It was too easy to ignore the file name (“basecamp.mov” in this example). So we made the header clearer. We separated it with a light blue background, used red text to make the key part pop, and shortened the text from “Select a file to upload as a new version of basecamp.mov” to “Upload a new version of basecamp.mov.” The less reading required, the better.

better way

That’s better but the filename kind of blends into the tail of “new versiona..s.df….sa.mov.” Let’s separate them by making the “of” black.

best way

Now the words “new version” and the file name pop. This follows the principle of the smallest effective difference: Whenever you make a mark (label, line, etc.), make it as small as possible, but as small as possible to still be clear. Look for opportunities to maximize value with the smallest possible change.