Later this year we’re considering holding our first 37signals Customer Summit. We’d like to bring together anywhere from 100-300 of our customers to share our ideas, their ideas, and see if we can all learn a few things from one another.

The summit would be in Chicago. It would be priced at about $100 per person. The summit would be between 6 and 8 hours.

Some agenda ideas we’re considering include demos of all our products, a conversation about building useful software, lengthy Q&A with our designers and programmers, tips & tricks, demos of third party products that integrate with ours via APIs, “15 minutes of fame” sessions where customers can demo how they use our products to run their own businesses, and more.

We’re looking to make it casual, accessible, and valuable. It’s primarily about sharing ideas to help our customers get the most out of the products.

If you were to attend what would you like to hear? What sort of talks or demos would you find interesting? Any and all suggestions would be helpful so we can put together a valuable agenda.