Shhh... Made by Few 2015

I’d been pretty bored with web conferences but the tiny team at Few changed my mind. Last summer’s Made by Few was well-run, fun, focused, intimate, and worthwhile. The couple of hundred lucky attendees were treated to fantastic barbecue, pour-over coffee, tons of swag, live music and some of the best talks around from speakers that could play rooms ten times this size—it was like seeing your six favorite bands play a secret show at your local bar. Seriously, I have no idea how they pulled together this line-up. And it all happened in the warm summer sun of Little Rock, AR which was surprisingly cool and refreshingly neither San Francisco or New York.

Honestly I hate to even tell you about it because it’s this special little gem of an event and if all of you go you’ll probably ruin it. So don’t tell your friends and co-workers but you (yes, you) should totally go, OK?