We’re excited to announce that Natasha Murashev has joined us here at Basecamp as a programmer on our iOS team.

Despite receiving over 100 applications for this position, it was by far the highest quality group of candidates we’ve seen. Not only is Natasha an excellent programmer but what made her truly stand out is her teaching spirit. Her popular blog on the Swift programming language is the fruit of her habit of sharing everything she learns, a process that helps her to slow-down, articulate, and document the discoveries she’s made while benefitting the wider community. In addition she publishes a popular Swift newsletter, This Week in Swift, and is a regular conference speaker. As a company we have a long history of sharing what we’ve learned so we think Natasha is a great fit!

Basecamp 3 is just a week old but we’ve got big ideas for our iOS app so we’re excited to have the firepower to make them happen. Natasha will be working remotely for us from her home in San Francisco Seattle everywhere as a self-styled digital nomad. Naturally, she’ll be blogging her adventures.

Please join us in welcoming Natasha to the team!