digg wait
Alex Foley on Digg’s “While you’re waiting, add your profile”:

Excellent way to avoid having a longer signup form. I filled out the second part without even thinking.

The Nonist
The Nonist blog gets aquatic/literal with its anchor icon.

Others Online

Joel writes:

I was looking at the Others Online product tour and found these two screens. They say: “Registering is easy! It’s not like those other sites where you have to add a bunch of content. Yeah, you just have to enter a screen name, password, birthdate, gender, country, postal code, email address, a friend’s email address…And then upload an image, type in your interests, your tagline and your various web addresses. Sure, it is (unfortunately) fairly standard to ask for all that on registration pages, but what’s interesting is that they claim to be very simple and better than “those other sites”.

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