For the past few weeks I’ve been trying out Irv & Shelly’s Fresh Picks weekly Fresh Picks Box delivery. You can order a box for 1, 2, or the family size.

Fresh Picks offers year-round home delivery in the Chicago area of local and organic produce, meat, dairy and eggs. They work with local sustainable farms and know the farmers by name.

What’s great about the Fresh Picks Box isn’t just the produce, or the freshness, or the locality, or the great story. It’s all of those things plus on big thing: The surprise. Every week something new based on what’s in season. It’s a really great way to eat better (eat with the seasons), and try new stuff all the time. This last week my box included Burdock Root and Black Spanish Radishes—two things I’ve never had and probably never would have purchased on my own accord.

Each hand delivery comes with a description of what’s in the box, the farm it came from, and some suggested cooking/preparation instructions. A handwritten thank you is included sometimes. It’s really folksy and nice. Irv himself delivered my first order.

So if you’re in Chicago and looking for some good wholesome local organic produce (or meat, dairy and eggs), give Irv and Shelly a try. Yes, you can order online.