Cork’d Blog
red corkd
The original corked blog had a Cabernet color scheme…

...but now it’s more Chardonnay. Could it be that light type on a dark background doesn’t age too well? Fwiw, Apple’s decided the cool factor of a dark background is worth the legibility cost at its MacBook Pro and other screens.

relative size
T-mobile gives credit card context to demonstrate phone sizes.

Safety scheme is trying to make you feel safe with this badge. But first off, the headline (“Internet shopping is safe.”) is a bit too sunny. Reminds me of the old addage that whenever someone insists they are your friend it’s a pretty good sign they probably aren’t.

Second, an unknown acronym (ISIS) and the word “scheme” aren’t exactly great ways to instill confidence. Might as well talk about the site’s great “PTHX security racket.”

The Fart Button
Online advertising reaches new lows (too painful to show here). JSM writes, “I know I know, ads like this are easy to take for granted, but I stopped and had to think of the person who actually had to sit and make this.” Coming soon: The pull my finger pulldown.

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