This new iPhone ad is one of the best ads I’ve ever seen.

In 30 seconds you learn you can hold this thing in your hand, you control it by touching the screen, it flows, you can watch a movie on it, the screen pivots, it’s fast, you can type on it, it has maps, it knows your location, it makes useful decisions for you, and you can make calls. It’s all so obvious and comfortable and easy in 30 seconds without being rushed.

And you learn all of this in the context of a scenario, not in the context of an explanation. An anonymous hand can be yours, your mother’s, your father’s, your kid’s, your grandparent’s, anyone’s. A friendly voiceover represents your own internal voice. Easy music reinforces an easy product. This is the actual interface, not an interface that is enhanced or embellished so it looks better on TV.

A simple close-up focus on the product and the experience because both are so good. This recipe doesn’t need any additional seasoning. Which other cell phones are advertised on the quality of the experience and interface? When’s the last time you’ve seen any technology product advertised like this?

This is wonderful advertising.