Compass Intelligence is out with a new report called “Exploring the Best Practices of Experience Strategies Targeting Small & Mid-sized Business Customers Online.”

In the report they rank the “top 10 vendors winning the SMB online experience race.” The list is as follows:

  1. IBM (Market Cap: $155.85B)
  2. Microsoft (Market Cap: $290.45B)
  3. Cisco (Market Cap: $163.80B)
  4. AT&T (Market Cap: $248.97B)
  5. (Market Cap: $5.41B)
  6. HP (Market Cap: $122.39B)
  7. Dell (Market Cap: $61.65B)
  8. Intuit (Market Cap: $10.06B)
  9. 37signals
  10. Verizon (Market Cap: $124.38B)


No, really, it’s a genuine thrill for our little 8-person company to be included on this list. Thanks to whoever noticed us and decided to include us on the list. It really does mean a lot.

You can buy the full report if you are interested.