When we launched the 37signals Open Bar a few weeks ago it only supported Basecamp accounts.

That was then, this is now

Now the Open Bar includes your Highrise accounts too. So now you have single sign-on for both Basecamp and Highrise accounts. Log into any one of your accounts and you’re logged into all your accounts.

Access to multiple accounts via a dropdown

We made some changes with this recent push. First, if you have multiple accounts under a single product you’ll see them listed in a dropdown menu when you hover over the product name (see below).

Helpful delay

Second, we added a little delay on hover so the menu doesn’t drop down when you trail over it while reaching for the Back button or any of your browser shortcuts.

Smart bar

Lastly, and most useful, we made Open Bar smarter. Now it remembers the last place you were when you left one account for another. This means when you return to the previous account you were using it will drop you right back where you left off.

We hope you find it useful

We’ve been loving the Open Bar. We hope you love it as much as we do. Backpack is the next app to be added to the Open Bar. Stay tuned.