Wow. This has been a long time coming. It’s time to finally begin building up to the launch of the new Backpack.

We originally hoped to have this out at the end of 2006, but a variety of circumstances pushed it back and back and back. Technical challenges, strategy changes, and the launch of Highrise all played a part in the delay. We apologize. We learned our lesson about pre-announcing releases that aren’t truly right around the corner.

Familiar yet all new

One of the challenges of developing the new Backpack was to maintain familiarity yet make the product feel brand new. While the standard tools remain mostly the same, the experience of interacting with the tools is all new. It’s something you’ll feel when you use it.


The first major change we want to preview is the “items anywhere” feature. The current version of Backpack segments the page into fixed compartments. To-do lists always at the top, then notes, then files, then photos, etc. Not anymore. the new version allows you to put anything anywhere. A file on top of a list. A list below a note. A photo gallery at the top of the page, etc. It’s up to you.

Same content, different order

To illustrate, here’s two screenshots of the same content in a different order.

Backpack page, anything anywhere

Backpack page, anything anywhere

Coming soon

The new Backpack is coming soon. Thanks again for your patience and stay tuned for more previews and the launch announcement.