Page Dividers are one of the useful new features coming soon to the new Backpack.

Divider, not a uniter

Dividers are literal: They divide the page into distinct chunks. A dividers draws a grey line across the page. You can label the dividers anything you’d like. You can have as many separators on a page as you’d like and you can put them anywhere you want.

Here’s what they look like

Backpack page divider

You’ll see I’ve created dividers for each city I’ll be visiting on the trip. “Portland” “Seattle” and “San Francisco.” I also included the dates I’ll be in each city for reference.

Really flexible

Simple dividers give you a lot of power. Things you may have stored on multiple pages can now be put together on a single page. They are also great ways to set up time periods on a page. “January” “February” “March” etc. Or, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, etc. The options are plenty.

Coming soon

The new Backpack is coming soon. Thanks again for your patience and stay tuned for more previews and the launch announcement.