One of the top Backpack requests has been the ability to move data between pages. The new Backpack makes that possible.

It’s a drag

So how do you move items between pages? You just drag the item to a page in the sidebar. Any “unit” can be moved — a list, a note, a photo gallery, a file, etc. The unit will be dropped at the top of the page.

Drag to make a new page too

Another twist is that you can drag an element to the “Make a new page” button to create a new page out of that content. It’s really handy.


Click to watch a demo Watch a quick video demo of the feature in action. Things are slower than they normally would be since we’re running in development mode, but at least you’ll get an idea of what to expect.

Coming soon

The new Backpack is coming soon. Thanks again for your patience and stay tuned for more previews and the launch announcement.