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PackRat 1.3 supports new Backpack and adds in some more features too
The latest version supports the new Backpack and adds in some new, exclusive features too.


Use Backpack as a source control system for writing
“Backpack has become the equivalent of a source control system for my writing. Before I leave in the morning, I send myself the content of my pages. While I’m on the subway or waiting in a movie line, I edit the text and give it a new title (‘CodeZoo 2.0 rev. 4’) and then send it right back to Backpack. At the end of the day I delete the stale versions.”

Ta-Da List for iPhone: “Brilliant”
“It’s fantastic. The pages have been built to fit so well on the iPhone’s screen that you forget you’re on the web – it feels like a stand alone application on the iPhone. If you’re a GTD freak (and even if you’re not), you ought to check this out.”

Raves pouring in for new Backpack
“We recommend Backpack more than ever for anyone from casual users who need a simple web-based locker for storing bits and pieces of their daily adventures, to power users with a serious case of GTD or project management on their back.”

Use Textile in Basecamp to format text, create tables, etc.
Basecamp uses Textile formatting so you can use simple, easy-to-write codes to format text. Type the codes in your text and you will see the results after clicking “Save.” Some examples…

Add support for your mobile phone provider to Backpack
We’re constantly adding support for more mobile phone providers to Backpack’s SMS messaging. So if you’re a Backpack users who’s mobile phone provider isn’t supported, let us know about it.

How to change a project’s start page in Basecamp
Go to that Basecamp project and click the “Settings” link in the upper right corner of the screen. On this screen, you can select the project’s start page.

Highrise tames no-name voicemails
“Yesterday, I pulled up Highrise, put in Phone Call for the name (I could add the date if there is more than one) because I didn’t have her name, I put in everything that she said in her message. When she called back later, I didn’t have to go search for the paper or try to remember everything, I had the notes right in front of me. It was great. A real life saver.”

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