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Web Worker’s Daily: Time to give Backpack another look
“The new Backpack now lets you dump text, images, links into a single ‘Collection’ page when you’re in a hurry, and then relocate them item by item to organized pages when and how you prefer…It’s the primary reason I have now come back to the service.”

Basecamp messages now include year of posting
Do you have a project in Basecamp that has been running for a year or more and need to know exactly when a message was posted? Now you can. On the permanent/comments page for a message, we’re now including the year in the date stamp as per popular request.

Now you’ll always know the year a message was posted.

Highrise hits 2,000,000
Highrise was released less than five months ago and today turned 2,000,000. Huh? Collectively, our Highrise customers have entered over 2 million contacts entered into their accounts. We’re thrilled to see such rapid uptake and thank everyone for their continued support.

Save time with To-Do List Templates in Basecamp
Are you a Basecamp customer who performs the same tasks regularly for different projects? If so, save time by using To-Do List Templates. This handy feature lets you create to-do lists and then add them easily to any project.

Highrise or Backpack as alternatives for lightweight project management
Consider using Highrise or Backpack as alternatives for lightweight project management. In a recent forum post, customers discussed how they use Highrise as a Project Management tool.

OpenID and Open Bar come to Backpack
Now the Open Bar includes your Backpack accounts too. That means you can get single sign-on for all your Basecamp, Highrise, and Backpack accounts. Log into any one of your accounts and you’re logged into all your accounts.

Backpack “far more flexible” than products from Microsoft and Google
“I’ve been using Backpack for about four months now, and I’m not sure how I got along without it…I’m thrilled!” writes Lutheran Pastor Christopher Esget in a blog post about the new Backpack. In it, he discusses how Backpack gives him more flexibility than products from Microsoft and Google.

Recently added and viewed contacts for Highrise
Highrise now has two new ways of viewing your contacts. With “Recently added”, you can keep a tab on contacts added by other members of your team or quickly access contacts you just added yourself. With “Recently viewed”, you can see the last 50 contacts you’ve accessed — similar to the last 4 contacts you see as tabs. Both views are available from the Contacts section.

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