Yesterday we posted about how we prompt for an upgrade when someone hits the 5 page limit on their free Backpack account.

Old vs. New

The old version of Backpack always had the upgrade notice. We felt that was a little too in your face. The new version of Backpack only prompted when you hit the page limit. We felt that was more polite.

New too abrupt?

However, some of the feedback suggested that only prompting when someone hits the page limit was a bit startling and abrupt. There’s no warning, it just hits ya. No more pages for you!

New new

We agree that the abruptness can be a little harsh. But we also don’t like the way we used to do it where the upgrade notice was there all the time. So what we’ve done is implement a “you’re close” notice.

This shows up once you’ve created your third page. “You’re close” lets you know a limit is near, but you’re not there yet.

Funny story… When I asked the guys if they could hook this up we realized that we already had it hooked up but we never turned it on! So we tweaked the language a bit and flipped the switch. And now we’re live.