Has the tech industry forgotten the lessons of the first tech bubble?
AuditoriumA.com: “The only criticism that we’ve received from some members of the press is the fact that we currently charge a fee for the Paid Edition of our service. Sigh. It seems that the tech industry has already forgotten the lessons of the first tech bubble and is back to the self-deluded idea that great technology alone is enough to survive over the long term. The past few weeks we’ve felt a lot like the owners of a restaurant that gets a five star review only to have the reviewer rant on about how the restaurant is planning to charge for its delicacies. Shouldn’t the restaurant owner just line his walls with advertisements and be happy?”
“From Scratch”: NPR show about the entrepreneurial life
“We meet with the nation’s leading pioneers from the business world, the social sector, entertainment, and the arts. From Scratch personalizes the lives of these entrepreneurs by providing listeners with a candid, first-hand view of their launching process. Guests speak about their sources of inspiration, set backs, financial hurdles, partnership dynamics, feelings of self doubt, helpful allies, and break though moments.”
Great interviews of the 20th century
“The Guardian and Observer’s unique series of the best interviews of the last century….From David Frost’s conversations about Watergate with Richard Nixon to Marilyn Monroe’s last interview, Princess Diana’s confessions to Martin Bashir and Bill Grundy’s disastrous grilling of the Sex Pistols on live television.” [via JK]
Chart junk in the New York Times?
“Checking out the New York Times’s infographic on the housing bubble, I thought ‘Wow! Look at how much prices climbed!’ Then I read the fine print and realized they’ve completely distorted the vertical scale to make the increase look enormous.”
LEGO n' milk 3D Scanner
“He takes the item he wants to scan and drops it in some milk. Then he takes a shot of it using his webcam. Then he pours in some more milk and takes another shot. Then he pours in some more milk and takes another shot…and so on and so on…until the item is completely submerged. At that point, he measures up the milk in each shot to produce a semi-accurate cross-section outline of the item. And pullling all of these outlines together produces the final 3D image.”
Reviewing 2006 Christmas Airfares
“The early read for 2007 is that departing on Thursday or Sunday figures to save you $30-45 over Saturday the 22nd. Returning on the Wednesday or Thursday after Christmas Day will be perhaps $25 cheaper than returning on Sunday the 30th, the day before New Year’s Eve.”
ClickTale shows movies of browsing sessions at your site
“ClickTale is a brand new approach to website analysis and optimization…As with other web analytics packages, website owners add a small piece of JavaScript code to their web pages. The JavaScript collects browsing data and transmits it to the ClickTale servers for processing. ClickTale creates movies of browsing sessions in minutes, and website owners can log-in securely at any time to view these movies.”
Radio frequencies help burn salt water
“An Erie cancer researcher has found a way to burn salt water, a novel invention that is being touted by one chemist as the ‘most remarkable’ water science discovery in a century. John Kanzius happened upon the discovery accidentally when he tried to desalinate seawater with a radio-frequency generator he developed to treat cancer. He discovered that as long as the salt water was exposed to the radio frequencies, it would burn. The discovery has scientists excited by the prospect of using salt water, the most abundant resource on earth, as a fuel.”
State Dept. gets the US view out to the Arab world via blog comments
“Several analysts said having State Department employees on the Web helps to counter one source of radicalization — the sense that Washington is too arrogant to listen to the grievances of ordinary Arabs, so violence is the sole means to attract attention.”
First Layer Tennis match (by Coudal) is today
“Starting today we’ll be hosting a series of live design events on Friday afternoons called Layer Tennis. We originally called the game “Photoshop Tennis” but these days there are a ton more tools that can be used alone and in combination to create things and we wanted to open these games up to millions of new possibilities.”
Photos of classic movie fonts
“Lettering buffs and cinephiles alike may enjoy this lovely Flickr set containing final frames of classic films. Romantically, these hearken back to an age before typesetting replaced hand-lettering as a matter of convenience…”
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