Natura pet food comments on safety
Chris Schlarb writes:

My family has two beautiful Siamese cats and with all of the issues surrounding wet or canned cat food I decided to take a look into the brand we purchase, Innova & Evo.

Well, I went to their website and what did I find?

A video from the co-owner/co-founder explaining, in great detail, the state of their products. He even goes so far as to mention they considered discontinuing their wet foods, even though they are safe, because of the nature of the plant/manufacturing system.


Anyhow, I was really impressed. This sort of small gesture will go a long way to ensuring that I continue to use their products. Not only did the video inform me that their products are safe (and why!), it let me know they have respect for me and are operating transparently in a time of industry-wide crisis.

Mark Cuban wants candidates to do less
Bill Litfin writes:

A 37Signals-esque blog entry from Mark Cuban. It’s about politics… but some quotes struck me as, well, 37Signals-esque… it’s a whole diatribe on picking the candidate that does the least—and why.

“When I vote in any local or state election, I vote for the candidate who I think will do the least. Not the least of anything specific, just the least amount of everything.”

“What I would love to see is a candidate who says he/she is going to start removing laws and programs. Give me a candidate who’s primary platform is to spend 4 years removing federal programs and laws. If it was a law or program worth anything the states or local municipalities will find much more creative ways to make them work.”

“So if you want my vote in 2008, don’t tell me what you are going to add, tell me what you are going to remove. Tell me how you are going to simplify the government. That’s how you get my vote.”

Movie theater warning screen
Matt Griffin writes:

You might enjoy this image. They show this “serious” warning before every movie at the North Park Mall theater in Dallas, TX.


This is serious stuff. Here’s how you tell:

  • Red background with white text
  • Capitalized the first letter of each word
  • Uses an exclamation point
  • Bold text
  • Centered on the screen
  • Mixed in italics
  • Multiple fonts – Are parts of this statement more important than others?
  • Is a statement and not a complete sentences

Ron Paul site
Scott Scites writes:

I was very excited to see the use of ajax [Ed note: Flash actually] on the Ron Paul web site. The temperature gauge rises with each donation. As the donations come in the donors names appear. This seems the ideal usage for ajax! It really creates a sense of momentum and urgency, that I believe should cause more donations to come.

The design firm that put the web site together is terra eclipse. Their design of the Ron Paul web site is simple and easy to navigate. They were one of the first companies (that I know of) to adjust to the iphone form factor with the Ron Paul web site (for iPhone). I’ve been really impressed with their work. They seem to be on top of their game!

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