Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

What GR-FX, experts at Microsoft Access and Office, likes about Basecamp
Garry Robinson and his associates at GR-FX are experts at Microsoft Access and Office development and XML file processing. They’re also Basecamp fans. Garry, who’s written a book on Access and a number of big articles for MSDN, sent us an email detailing how his team uses Basecamp.

Use Highrise cases to track internal staff
“We use our CRM software quite successfully to track our staff as well as our customers. Highrise by 37signals, has an option to create ‘cases.’ We use these ‘cases’ to keep notes on sick days, days off and any personal or performance issues that may arise. Access to these files is restricted to management who can then comment in the message threads if there are any ongoing issues.”

Basecamp one of the “best online publishing tools of 2007”
The Mequoda Daily provides free, valuable tips for publishers that want to build better websites. The site recently published its list of Best Online Publishing Tools of 2007 and Basecamp made the list.

Search Backpack from the desktop with LaunchBar
“LaunchBar is a cool utility that provides instant access to your applications, documents, and more. You can also configure it to search all of your Backpack pages. This makes it easy to find anything you’ve got in your Backpack account right from your desktop. If you’re already setup with LaunchBar, here’s how to search Backpack…”

Beanstalk: Basecamp-friendly version control for team leads
“Beanstalk is a hosted Subversion system, making it easy for anyone to setup, browse, track, and manage Subversion repositories. Beanstalk has built-in integration with your favorite tools such as Basecamp.”

Highrise is the #1 must-have tech tools for the wired mediator in 2008
“Every ADR practice needs an effective client relationship management (CRM) tool to track clients and projects from first contact to end of contract. The trouble is that most CRM software is overkill for a small business and the long lists of features are dizzying and overwhelming. Enter 37signals’ Highrise, a web-based client communications and tracking service. There are few bells and whistles and it does what it does very well.”

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