Does computer-related activity really cause carpal tunnel syndrome?
“Most likely the disorder is due to a congenital predisposition – the carpal tunnel is simply smaller in some people than in others…There is little clinical data to prove whether repetitive and forceful movements of the hand and wrist during work or leisure activities can cause carpal tunnel syndrome.”
Marc Hedlund on baking cookies and caring about details
“But what I really do is pay a lot of attention to all the little parts of making cookies. How melty is the butter when I add it? Did the eggs get beaten to that particular fluffiness? When I put the cookies in, did the oven just stop heating to temperature, or did it just turn on again? How does the kitchen smell when the cookies are ready? That’s all there is to it. I like cookies enough that I give all of my attention to making them come out right. I pay attention to every step and how it affects the results.”
Beating the market by buying art
“In 1997, the Christie’s sale of 20th century art works from the estate of Victor and Sally Ganz netted more than $207 million, a record sum for a single-owner sale of art at auction…Over the period 1948 to 1997 the Ganzes earned real rates of return ranging from 12 to over 21 percent for works sold at the three auctions. Overall, the Ganzes beat – often by a wide margin — the returns from diversified portfolios of common stocks…Their financial success did not result from a few lucky purchases. They earned consistently high returns, regularly beating the stock market on works by different artists acquired at different time periods.”
NY Times implements subtle layout difference to indicate whether a story is news or opinion
“The Times has instituted a sweeping but subtle redesign, to emphasize the difference between objective and subjective journalism. Straight news will remain, well, straight: laid out in justified columns, with even margins on the left and right. Stories that have been colored by analysis, commentary or authorial whimsy will all receive the layout previously reserved for columns: a straight left margin and a ragged right one.” [via Newsdesigner]
Stellarium Astronomy Software
“Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.”
A giant FAQ database about Google by Googlers
“Google encourages all its employees to send things they learnt or want to share with coworkers as a snippet of five lines – no less, no more. The employees have to be very precise and focused. It can be anything from executing a simple task or if they figured out a better way of doing something that is part of their daily work. Or just an aha moment. All they have to do is email it in. Google then indexes all these emails and makes them searchable.”
Prodigies and the hard work of being a genius
“But most importantly, the young Mozart’s prowess can be chalked up to practice, practice, practice. Compelled to practice three hours a day from age three on, by age six the young Wolfgang had logged an astonishing 3,500 hours — “three times more than anybody else in his peer group. No wonder they thought he was a genius.” So Mozart’s famous precociousness as a musician was not innate musical ability but rather his ability to work hard, and circumstances (i.e., his father) that pushed him to do so.” [via JK]
Building Ruby, Rails, LightTPD, and MySQL on Tiger
“Compiling and installing these tools this way is well worth the effort, as the end result delivers an easy-to-upgrade, system-independent, stand-alone development platform that is impervious to potential problems that can be caused by system updates, operating system upgrades, etc.”
The entire text of The Cluetrain Manifesto
The whole book is now available online.
Popgloss shopping photo blog for women
A twist on accidental shopping: “It has a similar feel to Cribcandy, lots of pictures few words, updated dozens of times a day and with the ability to save pictures and links to anything you like with one click.”
Photos of the neighborhood surrounding 37signals HQ
“Here are a couple of shots of the areas surrounding 37signals HQ. You get a real feeling of the neighborhood, it is very ‘paper street’ from fight club.” Less stalking, please.
Lego ice cube tray
“Serve the coolest drinks around with ice that looks like Lego bricks.”
Mac laptop zoom trick
Hold down the Control key as you drag two fingers on the trackpad. Voila, you’ve got zoom power.