This is the fourth in a series of posts showing how we use Campfire as our virtual office. All screenshots shown are from real usage and were taken during one week in September.

CampfireThis time we’ll take a look at how we use Campfire to help us write copy for our apps, marketing sites, blogs, etc.

Collect ideas for copy
Jason asks for suggestions about a blog post he’s writing. Ryan, Mark, and Sam offer up some ideas. one week in CF

Suggest a copy change
Jason suggests adding a message to an app that says, “Upload photo, one moment…” one week in CF

Kickstart a blog post
Ryan points to a link at a site. His comments lead to a blog post on the subject. one week in CF

Highlight smart copywriting by showing it in context
Campfire is also great for pointing out smart copy elsewhere. Here, Ryan shares a thoughtful phrase spotted inside an iPhone app. one week in CF

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