Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

CSV2vCard helps import contacts from Excel into Highrise
Highrise imports contacts from Outlook and ACT but not Excel. But there’s a way around this: You can save Excel spreadsheets as CSV files (or get a CSV file from another unsupported source) and use CSV2vCard to make vCards, which Highrise accepts.

Publish your Christmas Wishlist at Backpack
“All I have to say is: wow. SO MUCH EASIER. All I do is e-mail everyone a link to the public page and boom, I’m done. I can even take pictures on my phone and e-mail them (and list additions) to the page and have it updated for me. Fan-freakin’-tastic.”

Subscribe to Basecamp project feeds via email with Nourish
Want to get a summary of your Basecamp projects emailed to you? Then check out Nourish, a newsletter service which allows you to take any RSS feed from content you publish (like a blog) and convert it into an automated email newsletter readers can subscribe to.

nourish theme
Nourish’s Basecamp theme

New 37signals Twitter stream
We’re experimenting with a Twitter stream: We plan on posting status updates for 37signals products, occasional links to interesting posts, and, well, we’ll see.

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