The last few years has seen a proliferation of web-app development. Lots of productivity tools, to-do lists, online word processors and spreadsheets, presentation tools, groupware, calendars, etc. Lots of business software.

Noticeably absent are dedicated intranet tools. Software to help businesses get their shit together internally. A place to post common information, to have discussions, to share files, and possibly to share a calendar or important dates. There are definitely products out there, but this market doesn’t seem to have seen the same level of development as other business software.

When we were still doing client work back in the early 2000s we got a lot of calls about designing intranets. Everyone wanted an intranet. The employees we talked to loved their intranets too—their jobs depended on having access to bits of information, files, forms, etc. that were only available on their company intranet.

But since then I haven’t heard much noise from the intranet camp. Have people given up because the options were too complicated? Or have they built their own? Or are they piecing together blogs and wikis and file storage services and online calendars to get the job done?

What does your company or group use to keep your information together, centralized, and accessible to people you work with? Are you using something home grown? Something off the shelf? Something old? Something new? We’re curious.