Rich asks:

Without revealing any financials or numbers from which financials could be derived, could you satisfy the geek curiosity in me and share a few details from 37 Signals apps? Number of customers, contacts, projects, milestones, files on S3, number of servers, logical infrastructure topology, etc.

Here are some rough numbers we can share:


  • 2,000,000 people with accounts
  • 1,340,000 projects
  • 13,200,000 to-do items
  • 9,200,000 messages
  • 5,500,000 time tracking entries
  • 4,000,000 milestones


  • 3,500,000 contacts
  • 1,200,000 notes/comments
  • 575,000 tasks


  • Just under 1,000,000 pages
  • 6,800,000 to-do items
  • 1,500,000 notes
  • 829,000 photos
  • 370,000 files


  • 130,000 rooms
  • 46,000,000 chat messages
  • 200,000 files shared

Overall storage stats (Nov 2007)

  • 5.9 terabytes of customer-uploaded files
  • 888 GB files uploaded (900,000 requests)
  • 2 TB files downloaded (8,500,000 requests)

Server stuff

We’re currently upgrading our server infrastructure to use significantly faster hardware along with the Xen virtualization software, so we’ll have fewer servers to manage. Our current server cluster contains around 30 machines, ranging from single processor file servers to 8 CPU application servers, for a total of around 100 CPUs and 200GB of RAM. Over the next couple of months, we plan to reduce the number of servers to 16 with around 92 CPU cores (each significantly faster than what we use today) and around 230 GB of combined RAM. Not only will our applications run faster, but our cluster will be much simpler to manage when we’re done.

Got a question for us?

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