Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

New Basecamp Feature: Image-grid view
Today we announce a new Basecamp feature called the image-grid view. The image-grid view allows you to browse images (GIF, JPG, or PNG) uploaded to a project in a visual grid (3 across). The images are thumbnailed to 200×200 so they are big enough to browse but not too big that you can’t see many of them at once.

grid view

Using Backpack for recruiting project management
“When it comes to keeping all information together for a job search, Backpack is the best thing I’ve found…I generally set up one Backpack page per client I work with and include notes about that client’s process, interviewing preferences, and stuff that I need to do next in my own recruiting processes. If my client has provided me with a written description as a Microsoft Word document, I upload it here. If I have pictures of the work site, I upload them. In short, that page becomes a clearing house of information relevant to my search and helps me to be efficient in tracking my communications and efforts.”

List of great tools for web application development includes Basecamp
20 tools for web application development is a helpful reference list for anyone developing a web app. The list includes Basecamp: “We use Basecamp to communicate and collaborate on all of our projects. It allows us to set up a schedule with milestones and keep our messages and to-dos all in one spot.”

How Backpack is helping one design/writing freelancer
“Using the List feature I was able to get a simple to-do going. I thought that was all I’d ever use it for. As things went on and I needed to be more organized, I was able to add another page with Monthly goals separated by weeks and by those that will take place over the entire month. Then I decided to make a calorie counter page. I don’t know what I’ll make next. The examples page has so many diverse pages, people planning a wedding, organizing guitar tab, selling stuff, choosing fonts. There are plenty of ways to use it, that’s what makes it so intimidating to start and so addictive once you do.”

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