There’s nothing quite like an Apple product launch to bring out every arm-chair profiler to describe exactly what kind of people are lining up to buy.

From the treasure trove of Engadget’s comments sections come these astute piece of analysis on who’s going to buy the new MacBook Air:

It is a laptop for apple fans and people who rely on material goods to demonstrate their worth to other people.
This seems to be an incredibly useless laptop that really only has a market among the yuppies and Mac sycophants with cash to waste on an underpowered, 1-USB port, overpriced toy that in the end just looks pretty and nothing else.
It is primarily going to be purchased by people with too much time / money to do a little independant thinking (read: Starbucks junkies, college students with allowances from the parents, fashionistas, etc.).
I know full well what people i will see with this laptop and they aint the sort of people i get along with. Pricks basicly.

Expected delivery: February 11th. Can’t wait to join the rest of the sycophantic yuppies down at Starbucks where we can flaunt our lack of independent thinking and worth through choice of computer. Awesome.