Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

The Weekly Review offers tips on using GTD with Highrise
“The key with any GTD setup is to make sure your tool fits your working style. So far, Highrise works for me…You add each project as a person. That’s it. Then add the different tasks for each project. Each project will now have it’s own page where you can add tasks, notes, tags and summary information about the project. Each of these pages also has a timeline summary of activities that have occurred.”

Backboard is a new app that makes Backpack more Mac-like
Backboard is Lars Steiger’s new app which bills itself as “the far side of Backpack.” That means it gives Backpack customers a dashboard-like overview of tasks, the ability to edit and search them with a more Mac-like interface, and the ability to attach dates and priorities.

Script to import Salesforce data into Highrise
In “Salesforce to Highrise conversion successful,” Highrise Forum member mikesax offers up a conversion script that takes a Salesforce offline backup (what you get when you close down your account or you request it) and converts it to an Outlook-style CSV file that you can import into Highrise.

Export a Basecamp project as a PDF file
Terrence Ryan created Basecamp CFC so he could export an entire Basecamp project as a PDF file.

Tech2.0: Basecamp lives up to the hype
Tech2.0 looks at five hot web apps that “meet a higher standard than hype.” #1 on the list: Basecamp.

GeniDo, a new third party app in the works, lets you use Basecamp offline
“The application adds offline processing capabilities to Basecamp. The feature allows users to manage project without internet access and synchronize with online BaseCamp at convenience.”

Wired: Ta-Da List for iPhone sign of improvement in mobile web apps
“Are we imagining it, or are mobile web applications getting a whole lot better since the Dawn of the iPhone? The side-effect of Apple’s closed platform is an explosion of iPhone-friendly services, especially from the makers of the web’s prettiest and most functional tools, such as 37signals’ Ta-Da List for iPhone.”

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