Highrise turns one today. Check out the original launch post from March 20, 2007. And here’s a 36-hour follow-up post with changes based on early feedback. It’s cool to look back at the comments from both posts.

Our fastest growing product ever

In terms of 12-month revenue growth, Highrise has been our fastest growing product ever. Monthly revenue for Highrise on its first birthday is about 3x Basecamp’s monthly revenue on its first birthday. Of course Basecamp was launched 4 years ago, and Highrise benefits from Basecamp, Backpack, and 37signals’ brand recognition, but we’re really pleased with the growth so far.

Some quick stats

A $10-off coupon to celebrate

If you haven’t yet signed up for Highrise, here’s some extra incentive: Enter coupon code 1YEARHR in the coupon code box during the signup process and you’ll save $10 off your first month. If you already have a Highrise account, you can upgrade your account and use the same coupon code. Just log in, click the Account tab, select a higher plan to upgrade to, and then enter 1YEARHR in the coupon field.

Thanks again

Thanks again for your support. We hope you’re finding Highrise as useful as we are. Check out some recent posts about Highrise on the Product Blog.