Since you can buy just about anything on Amazon, I’ve noticed lately that those little recommendation algorithms are slipping out of tune. Specifically, the “Buy Together With” recommendations that pop up when you’re viewing an item someone else may have recently purchased. Sometimes these recommendations are spot on and I really did want to buy a pack of decaf coffee pods with my regular coffee pods, thank you very much. But sometimes, and perhaps more often than not, I’m staring at the screen saying, “Really, Amazon? Really?!”

Like when I was checking out this cool New York motif mug and Amazon suggested I buy it with a coin bank. Perhaps this makes sense in a robotically comical way. Perhaps Amazon is thinking, “Well, if you’re going to New York, start saving your pennies!” or something equally cheeky and annoying.

Or, when I was looking at these outdoor lanterns and I was told to buy them together with this fancy watch…you know, so I can sit home late at night waiting for my boyfriend to come stumbling back from the bar and greet him at our well-lit doorstep to tell him exactly what time it is. Perfect!

But sometimes, Amazon, I just want to buy my cookware in peace, and not be reminded by your robots that this lasagna pan I’m thinking of buying would go great with a bowflex.