The Superest
The Superest has a great yet simple design/style. Note the balance between the thick heavy lines, the heavy arrows, and the super thin grey lines that hold the page design together.


Design Museum in London
The website for Design Museum in London has nice variety from page to page.

design museum

design museum

design museum

design museum

The sidebar at Treehugger screens (example) features a “Click to Jump” option that breaks up the page into separate, clickable “screens.”

click to jump

Amazon beads
Jeff Atwood wrote:

I’ve got the best inappropriate Amazon “related item” ever.

My wife does a lot of craft projects in her spare time, so she was searching for “beads”.

In the related items, Amazon offered her a delightful set of Anal Beads.

Not new Anal Beads, either. Used Anal Beads.


Proof that you can indeed take bargain shopping (way) too far.