Iraq: Indicati ons and Warnings of Civil Conflict
This presentation slide titled “Iraq: Indications and Warnings of Civil Conflict” lists factors that are destabilizing Iraq. This index has been a staple of internal United States Central Command — the military command that oversees the Iraq war — briefings for most of this year.

What are the odds that this mess of a slide makes it into Edward Tufte’s next book?

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Update: Tufte posted this slide at his site and called it “especially lousy.” [tx Bob] And a commenter there offered this analysis:

The slide is largely (enitrely?) data-free: a series of qualitative assertions, that masquerades as quantitative analysis. What is the “Index of Civil Conflict (Assessed)? ” Are “ROUTINE,” “IRREGULAR,” “SIGNIFICANT,” “CRITICAL” parameters on a continuum, or unrelated descriptors? If so, why are they coded in colors that suggest a progression)? What does “I&W” mean? Why is the slide framed with color gradients? Why is everything bold (or all-caps)? Is an up arrow increased sectarian conflict, or less sectarian conflict which indicates an improved situation? What are the numbers behind “unorganized spontaneous mass civil conflict” etc.?