This year we’re considering writing/publishing the second edition of Getting Real. The second edition will be more small-business focused. Less web-app, more business strategy.

Proposed topics include who to hire, how to surround yourself with great people, how to promote/market without breaking the bank, how to get press without a PR firm, how to focus on what matters and ignore what doesn’t, how to get big things done with a small team, the beauty of the basics, embracing the unknown, throwing out your plans and just winging it, finding a distinct voice, etc.

We’d like to take Getting Real to the masses. We’re seeking a publisher partner that believes in the potential of Getting Real to be a business best seller.

We’ve sold over 40,000 copies (PDF and paperback combined) of the first edition purely through blog posts and word of mouth (reviews). We believe additional exposure and wider distribution could catapult sales deep into six figures and beyond.

If you’re interested in publishing Getting Real, please drop me a note at jason at 37signals dot com (subject line: Publish Getting Real). We look forward to hearing from you.