This weekend I was in NYC speaking at the AIGA Smart/Models conference (thanks again for the invite, Liz). One of the other speakers was a designer named Douglas Riccardi. After his talk I checked out his site.

It’s one page. It lists the name of the agency at the top. Then it says “A graphic design firm” in NY. Then it lists his phone number and email address.

Then it shows his work. Not links to case studies or a portfolio page. Just pictures of his work. He doesn’t have to bullshit. He doesn’t have to give detailed descriptions of what he did, what the goal was, or display the obligatory testimonial quote from the client. It’s just the work. Here it is. It speaks for itself. This is the kind of stuff I do.

Then at the bottom of the page it says “Thank You,” lists the phone number again, and simply states “Please call us to learn more about our firm.”

It’s as effective as any agency site I’ve ever seen. More so, in fact. It’s not full of filler, full of effects, full of slick transitions, full of clicks, or full of “typical design company stuff.” Instead, it addresses the problem directly: It’s just the name, a single statement “a graphic design firm,” pictures of his work, a “thank you,” and a phone number and email address.

It’s perfect. Excellent stuff.