Some recent posts at the 37signals Product Blog:

Import RSS feeds into Basecamp with telegraph
Using telegraph you can import RSS or Atom information from other systems into your Basecamp account.


fixx is a new bug tracking and issue tracking system for software teams that integrates with Basecamp
“fixx integrates with Basecamp by allowing you to import your existing projects, milestones and users. This allows you to kick-start your usage of fixx and re-use existing project information, without having to spend your valuable time replicating data that you already have in use.”


Variety Club of Great Britain uses Basecamp to help disadvantaged children
For more than 50 years, Variety Club Children’s Charity has been helping sick, disabled and disadvantaged children in Great Britain. They recently began using Basecamp and Chairman Len Keighley wrote to tell us how much it’s helped.

Virb can’t imagine life without Campfire
“I honestly can’t see how our team ever did without it. Campfire is open in a browser tab all day long. It’s launched when the day begins on the east coast and isn’t closed until the last left coast’er signs off in the evening. We fire-up iChat for group audio chats several times a day, but otherwise, no project communication happens outside of ‘the campfire’.”

Getting Real
Budget tracking app creator: “I made a better product because of Getting Real”
“Everything I did, every decision I made, every piece of code I wrote (or didn’t write) went automatically through the ‘Getting Real’ filter and I genuinely believe I made a better product because of it. And more fundamentally, I made something!”


Timetoast: Getting Real was instrumental in our development process
“I think if you want to start getting real, you need to redefine your concept of project success and go from there. You’ll begin to understand why the traditional ways of developing an application rely too heavily on the end product and not on how you’re actually going to get there. You’ll find yourself dropping features and watch in horror as your app turns into a jumbled-up mess that doesn’t do any one thing particularly well, but lots of things badly.”

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